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Betting-Data.com - Football Betting Statistics

Excel file to arm you with detailed football statistics, parsed from the data available at football-data.co.uk

More than 20 leagues covered, with more than 70 statistical parameters for each league!

Click here to download Betting-Data workbook for CURRENT SEASON, 2019/2020
(right click and "Save as"; .xlsx file, ~2.5 MB)

You can look for instructions and check previous seasons here.

In addition, check thorough statistics in excellent CGMBet Software

What We Learned From The Epsom Derby

Known as just The Derby, the horse race is officially branded the Investec Derby by virtue of its sponsorship.

This competition is the richest and most prestigious flat race on the British racing calendar, with a prize fund of around £1.5 million, from which the winner claims around £800,000.

Will the Messenger Deliver? Click here to read more in our latest analysis!

FEATURED RANT: Cheeky Punter & Bet365:
A Pathetic Case of Defending the Undefendable

What happens when a minor registers with a bookmaker and manages to make it to money withdrawal?

Why would be money withdrawal by a minor considered illegal, and registering, depositing and betting would be not?

Read entire article about bookmaker's and blogger's hipocrisy here!

FEATURED ARTICLE: Lay Betting explained!

Lay Betting

Have you ever tried to dive into murky waters of laying at exchanges, but found it too confusing?

Don't worry, here is simple but detailed explanation of how laying works and what are its advantages and dangers!

Read entire article here!

Glossary of betting terms, with links to further reading and detailed discussions

A letter-by-letter collection and explanation of frequently used terms and phrases in betting and trading, linked to appropriate discussions on Punters Lounge, Geeks Toy, or from Wikipedia, so to offer reader more information from various points of view.

Read the glossary here!

Asian Handicap Calculator

Ever needed spreadsheet to calculate your winnings at Asian handicap markets?

This spreadsheet allows you to quickly calculate outcome of your Asian Handicap bet, for all full goal, half-goal and quarter-goal, for both Home/Away and Total Goals (Over/Under) markets.

Just select your handicap line, enter odds and stakes, and there you are!


Using Poisson Calculator to predict outcome of football matches

If you have some expectation of number of goals in a match, one of the ways (though, not necessarilly the best one) to turn them into odds is Poisson distribution; it will give you probability of certain number of goals to be scored, and dividing 100 with probability gives you odds.

This spreadsheet allows for two calculations, "Total Goals" and "Correct Score".

If you have expected number of goals for both teams altogether (i.e., for entire match), use sheet "Total Goals": enter your expected number of goals into yellow cell, and it will return probabilities / odds for goal lines.

If you have expected number of goals for each team separately, use sheet "Correct Score": enter your expected number of goals into yellow cells for both teams, and it will return probabilities / odds for correct scores.

Though, you need to be aware that Poisson distribution, when applied to predict football matches, has certain flaws and limitations; read the article before using the calculator to understand the pitfalls!


Bet history records - Spreadsheets for tracking your bets

Simple bets record, with two sheets (betting at bookmaker, and back-lay at exchange) and profit/loss charts.


Bets record all-in type (entire bank in), with constant or variable odds.


Bets record and staking plan with each-way option.


Bets record for lay bets, with fixed liability untill initial bank is recovered.


So, you want to know why keeping records of your bets is essential for long-term profit?!

Read careful analysis of Top 3 Benefits of good record keeping of your bets out there at Sports Trading Life.

Tired of keeping record of your bets in Excel, and coping with its functions?

Then try free online services such as Bet Magnet or MyBetLog, that will let you easily keep record of all the bets you make.

Bet Calculator

Excel file to compare profits for Full Cover Bets with or without singles, Singles and Accumulators, in a single screen, up to 8 selections.

I'd like to thank to Garreth, who discovered and reported an error on this spreadsheet: returns for single bets on sheets above 4-folds were inaccurate (while profits themselves were accurate, though). The error has been corrected and new spreadsheet uploaded on 24. September 2014; if you downloaded this spreadsheet before, please download the new one!


More Excel sheets available!

Match odds and Correct score market simulation, Time of first goal, Odds Conversion, and more...

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