- Football Betting Statistics
parsed from the data available at

Excel workbook that will arm you with detailed football statistics!

More than 40 different tables with more than 100 various statistical parameters
from top 20 European leagues!

Click here to download Betting-Data workbook
for CURRENT SEASON, 2019/2020

(right click and "Save as"; .xlsx file, ~2.5 MB)

As a passionate bettor, you are probably aware of and their Excel database that contains statistical details from football matches in more than 20 top European leagues!

You can download data in Excel format or as Comma Separated Values; but in both cases, they are presented in flat format, so one needs to manipulate them to get them sorted.

Over the years I have been using those data, I would parse the desired output each time I wanted to see some statistics; I have decided to wrap up all those tables together in a Workbook, and publish it as an extension to data, to help fellow bettors find the stats they're after!

I named the workbook "Betting-Data"; it's available for download for free. It contains instructions how to use it, and they are pretty easy and straightforward! Let me repeat them here:

Instructions how to use Betting-Data spreadsheet:

Download database, available at

You need to download Excel file; for current season, it's link "Season 2018/2019" under section "Excel". Once you download it to your computer, you'll get Excel file, named "all-euro-data-2018-2019.xlsx"; this is the database we're after. You need to place the database in the same folder where you placed Betting-Data workbook (Desktop, or any other folder of your choice). Open the database.

Once the database is open, open Betting-Data workbook, too. You need to keep database open as long as you use Betting-Data workbook, otherwise it will not work.

And that's it. Choose the league of yopur liking from home sheet of Betting-Data workbook, and enjoy the stats!

Please note that, depending on speed of your computer, tables may take a while to refresh when you switch the league or change other parameters within workbook; progress is shown in Excel's status bar.

If you have any issues, please consult F.A.Q. sheet within Betting-Data workbook; if you cannot find a clarification there, then contact me and I will (try to) help. provides database of statistics for some 20 seasons in the past. However, Betting-Data workbook is specific for each season, so if you want to use it for previous seasons, you need to adjust the workbook; instructions are provided within workbook itself, and should be easy to follow for average Excel user.

Please note that, depending on circumstances, Betting-Data workbook may miss some data, which is explained within F.A.Q. sheet in the workbook itself. Those cases include missing odds, usually for lower leagues, and subsequent change of result, due to officially awarded matches.

Please note that you use Betting-Data workbook on your own responsibility. and provided the data free of charge, in good faith in their accuracy, and cannot accept any responsibility for possible financial damages that you, user of the data and the workbook, may suffer from betting activities after using this Betting-Data workbook.

Below you can download Betting-Data workbook for current season, as well as previous seasons.

Please note that you need Excel 2007 or later to run this workbook. It contains some formulae that will not work on Excel 2003, or Excel alternatives, such as Open Office, Libre Office, etc.

Click here to download Betting-Data workbook for CURRENT SEASON, 2019/2020
(right click and "Save as"; .xlsx file, ~2.5 MB)

Notice for Excel 2007 users. Please note the following: I have received several reports that drop-down menu for league selection does not work in workbook for season 2015/16 (i.e., it is stuck with Spain Primera division, set by default, and no other league can be selected), while older ones work properly.
I checked the workbook, and everything worked fine for me.
However, as I tried to investigate that issue further, I found out that there may be a compatibility issue on drop-down list between Excel 2007 and 2010.
I used to have Excel 2007 when I prepared original file, but when I updated it for season 2015/16, I already switched to Excel 2010; and I see in the following links that Excel 2007 might not show drop-down in that case:
This link here says that issue might dissapear if you save the workbook as Macro-enabled workbook (that would be .xlsm extension), so you may want to check it:
I don't have Excel 2007 any longer, so I cannot test it. Hence, if you're trying to run this file at Excel 2007 and face the issue described above, I'm afraid I cannot help there, sorry...

Click here to download Betting-Data workbook for previous season, 2018/2019
(right click and "Save as"; Excel 2007 file, ~2.5 MB)

Click here to download Betting-Data workbook for season 2017/2018
(right click and "Save as"; Excel 2007 file, ~2.5 MB)

Click here to download Betting-Data workbook for season 2016/2017
(right click and "Save as"; Excel 2007 file, ~2.5 MB)

Click here to download Betting-Data workbook for season 2015/2016
(right click and "Save as"; Excel 2007 file, ~2.5 MB)

Click here to download Betting-Data workbook for season 2014/2015
(right click and "Save as"; Excel 2007 file, ~2.5 MB)

Click here to download Betting-Data workbook for season 2013/2014
(right click and "Save as"; Excel 2007 file, ~2.5 MB)

This workbook may be updated in the future, and updates or changes will be tracked here. The version available for download above is always the latest one.

If you're looking for more betting data in Excel format, you may want to check CGMBet software, who offers football statistical data in Excel, including time of goals scored (which is not available in this workbook here), and for more leagues than available here. More details can also be found in his thread at PuntersLounge forum: Interesting Stats

Features available in Betting-Data workbook:

League Summary.

Main Table (corners, shots, shots on target, yellow and red cards, fouls).

Goals Table (choose the goal line from 0.5 to 4.5 goals, or BTTS, and display the respective table).

Head to Head of selected teams.

HT - FT Goals - relationship between half time result/number of goals and FT number of goals.

Discipline - yellow and red cards and booking points.

Result matrix.

Profit/loss tables (the amount of money you would have won or lost if you had bet on a team to win, draw or lose, using odds from Pinnacle Sports and Bet365, or under/over 2.5 goals, using average odds, in all matches or only when odds are in specific range, in all matches, or only home/away matches).

Odds Filters - count of matches and possible profit/loss for matches within selected odds range, again using odds from Pinnacle Sports and Bet365.

There are some leagues where not all the stats above are available; availability of stats for each league is found on sheet "Availability" within Betting-Data workbook.

Thank you for using the workbook.

If you have any comments or questions, please feel free to contact (for database related questions) or (for questions related to Betting-Data workbook).